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Full Subjects Tuition

We provide the full range of subjects with varied time slots to suit students' convenience.

Daily Homework Guidance

We provide homework guidance for students of all streams.

Before & After School Care

Programs at ECI offer fun activities, educational experiences, and homework help.

Mandarin Class

Learn to speak Chinese confidently and naturally.

BM, BC Essey Class

Students will learn how to walk into the test well prepared for the essay.

Extra Curriculum

English Active Learning
How's the English Active Learning, EAL to meet your child's functional and academic needs through fun-filled learning.
The first 3-in-1 English programme
Our writing exercise cater to different types of syllabi and exam formats including national, private and international schools.
Our classes encourage the students to ask questions, give their viewpoints and work in groups to improve their confidence in speaking English.
Our activities allow the students to interact with their peers in a fun, enjoyable yet controlled learning environment.

Creative Art Workshop

These Creative Art Workshop cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, potential puppeteers, and more.